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Missing easy way to navigate

Dear developer, I had high hopes for this app, but alas, they have been dashed, at a cost of $10 no less. Suggested improvements: 1. Add a side alpha listing so that you can quickly go to words that start with “r” or “t” or “z” without having to scroll, and scroll, and scroll... 2. When one types “road” in search, results should show “road” in position one, not after “abroad”, “broad”, “broadcast”, and “railroad”. (This would also help with #1 above, as when one types “y”, “ability” is the first word not “yard”.) 3. True and false are at the bottom of the listing, not in alpha order. 4. Add more food items. Rosemary is not included, nor were three other common foods, which I needed the translation for during a recent trip to Portugal. This app has the potential to be worth the high price in relation to the other Portuguese dictionary apps, but not without making some changes... Thank you!

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